Katie Miranda

Three ways to carve up the Middle East

Earlier this week, it was reported that Sebastian Gorka, a senior advisor to US President Donald Trump, once drew a map of Libya on a napkin during a meeting with a senior European diplomat, suggesting that the country be partitioned into three. The diplomat reportedly responded that Gorka's idea would be "the worst solution" for the country. In that spirit, cartoonist Katie Miranda offers a selection of mapping moments, from bad to worse to just plain ugly.

Win a pair of habibti (my love) earrings

Natalie V. over at the Cosmos Mariners travel blog is hosting a contest where you can win a pair of these habibti earrings. Visit her blog to enter to win! Habibti means "my love" in Arabic.

Featured Customer: Estela Rodriguez-Jibreel

1) What do you like best about Katie Miranda Arabic calligraphy jewelry ?

What I love the most about Katie’s jewelry is that the jewelry is not only beautiful it give a proactive message of hope.

Featured Customer: MaryAlecia Briggs

We love our customers and what they stand for. Here’s an interview with July’s featured customer MaryAlecia Briggs. 1) What do you like best abou...

Spring Palbox is here !

You are invited to experience the best artisanal products Palestine has to offer!

Every quarter at Palbox we pack a box with a bottle of organic, fair trade Palestinian olive oil, za’atar, olive oil soap, a Palestinian art or craft and a piece of sterling silver Arabic calligraphy jewelry. Featured in this month’s box are sterling silver earrings which say “habibti” or “my love” in Arabic.

Introducing PalBox !

Our solidarity community is growing and has made much positive progress over the years like the rise of the BDS campaign, an increase in campus activism and the increased visibility of Palestinian voices in the media. But as Sam Bahour highlighted in my interview with him, we can’t can’t overlook the Palestinian economy which has been strangled and blockaded just like Palestinian lives and property. With that in mind I’ve partnered with the Northern California chapter of the International Solidarity Movement (NorCal ISM) to bring you Palbox!

New Medina Village

At 8:30 pm I was driving down a dark rural road at the outskirts of Cottage Grove, Oregon, with my GPS set to an approximate address. The address I had was a property next to 80 acres of forrest I was trying to reach. This forrest didn’t have a street address. My GPS told me “you have arrived” when I came to a gravel turnoff. There were no lights anywhere. I tried calling my host but had no phone reception. At this point my imagination took over.

Interview with Adam Horowitz of Mondoweiss

It’s important that you share this information, because right now thousands of voices around the world that are calling for freedom and justice in ...

Want to learn how to invest in Palestine ? Sam Bahour explains….

For the month of March, $7 from every purchase goes to Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy. Here's why I want to support the work they do:

Instead of focusing on political activism, I want to branch out and find out more about economic activism, something that tends to get sidelined in the Palestine solidarity community. So I’m interviewing Sam Bahour, a business development consultant living in Ramallah and founder of Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian economy. Sam frequently provides independent commentary on Palestine and serves as a policy adviser of Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network. He blogs at www.epalestine.com

Ways to help Palestinians

I’ve been asked several times over the last week or so how to donate money to Gaza so I’ve made a list of reputable non-profits that directly support Palestinians in need:

Wonders of the East exhibition: Sharjah, U.A.E.

I’m excited to have been invited to the Wonders of the East exhibition, part of the Sharjah Capital of Islamic Culture 2014. Here’s the flyer for the event.