Muslim American Writers At Home anthology

I am thrilled to announce that my story entitled Stop Being So Picky has been published in the Muslim American Writers at Home anthology. The below illustration is one of three I created to accompany my story.

Katie and Max
Muslim American Writers at Home is a labor of love, giving Muslim writers from Canada and the U.S. the rare opportunity to speak for themselves, overturning the ignorance and stereotyping that pervade western media. Read more about the book here.

If you're interested, here are some ways you can help support the book:

  • Pre-order a copy before March 1—or order a copy after March 1—from your local bookstore or directly from the publisher.
  • Request a copy from your local library.
  • Write a book review on Goodreads or Amazon USA or Amazon Canada. Even a brief review makes it easier for other readers to discover the book
  • Tell others about the book via word of mouth, email, social media, etc. See Muslim American Writers at Home Facebook page, or connect with us at
  • Join the online book launch readings at TBD (Watch our social media channels for updates.)
  • Teach Muslim American Writers at Home in a college course.
  • Nominate Muslim American Writers at Home for your book club.

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