Stitching her way to your doorstep..

Palbox is a subscription box created in partnership with the International Solidarity Movement that brings products from Palestine plus Katie Miranda jewelry to your doorstep every quarter. 

Here's a peek at what's in Spring Quarter Palbox plus some Q and A with Laila Awawda, the business manager of Women in Hebron, a women's collective that stitches the embroidered bookmarks in this quarter's Palbox.

What's in Spring Quarter Palbox? a 750 ml bottle of organic, fair trade Palestinian olive oil
Dark Chocolate covered dates from Jericho a hand embroidered bookmark from the Women in Hebron Collective
2 bars of Palestinian olive oil soap sterling silver and pearl earrings that say "love" in Arabic


Katie: What do you love about creating embroidery ?

Laila: It's our heritage to keep working at it. Our mothers taught us, and we are lucky we still know how to do it. It's very important for us to keep doing the embroidery.

Katie: How does the cooperative plan to reach more international customers?

Laila:  We will make more trips outside of Palestine. We have a good relationship with a woman in California, Maureen Walsh who invited me to give a presentation at Boston University where I sold the embroidery. Inshallah I will go to more events and conferences like these. We also encourage people to come to Hebron and buy from us there.

Katie: Do you sell more products locally or internationally ?

Laila: We only sell internationally and to tourists. 

Katie: Palestinians don't buy it?

Laila: Palestinians make it, they don't need to buy it.

To purchase Palbox, which include all the products shown above, head on over to and subscribe today! 


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