Beautify your life with Palestinian ceramics Part Two

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about how I decorated my home with Palestinian ceramics. It's been the most popular blog post so far so today I'm creating a follow up to it.

There are two wonderful reasons to decorate your home with Palestinian ceramics:

  1. Your home will look fantastic and colorful
  2. You're supporting Palestinian small businesses and keeping ancient cultural traditions alive

This blog post is about how to beautify your life with Palestine tile work on a budget and I'm going to focus on just one small area of my home; the half bath.

The concept for this came to me about 7 years ago. Because I did so much of the interior design work in my home by myself, when I could afford it, this didn't come to completion until just recently.

When I plan out the look of a room I start with an object that's the focal point in the room then choose colors for the rest of the room based on the colors of that object. In this case it's the mirror, so I chose navy blue, turquoise and white for the dominant colors of the room. In other rooms the focal point may be a bedspread or a lamp or a couch. 

The mirror (and all of the Palestinian tiles I have) came straight from the Hebron Glass and Ceramics Factory. You can order products directly from their Facebook page where they have a substantial catalog of their products.

Palestinian tile mirror

The wall texture is a DIY material called American Clay Plaster. It comes in a huge burlap sack and you can buy different pigments to color the plaster. Add some water and trowel it onto the walls. The texture is a really great contrast with the smooth, colorful tile.

The turquoise backsplash is made from tiles I found locally in Portland, Oregon. It would seem that tile glazes are made of the same pigments no matter where they are made in the world because the turquoise in the mirror and in the backsplash match perfectly.

The navy blue countertop is laminate. It cost about $25 and then $375 to install it with the tile backsplash.

The mason jar dispensers were bought at Craft Warehouse and the "soap" and "lotion" vinyl decals are from Etsy.

This is a panorama shot I took in order to try to include as much of the decor as possible into the shot, hence the slight distortion on the mirror and fuzziness of the photo:

Palestinian tile mirror

For other ways to buy Palestinian, check out Palbox.

To read more about Palestinian ceramics, check out my article in Middle East Eye.

If you're stuck on how to come up with good interior design ideas, make a Pinterest account and save pins that you love. Or check out mine here.

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