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Beautify your life with Palestinian tile work

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Beautify your life with Palestinian tile work

Palestinian tile

I have always wanted to make my home environment beautiful since I spend so much time there. One of the best things I did for my home was to invest in Palestinian tiles. I first visited the Hebron Glass and Ceramics Workshop in the West Bank in 2006 and then again in 2017. I picked out some beautiful tiles and had them shipped home. They're very reasonably priced, around $4 including shipping.

BDS is important, but don't forget to buy Palestinian! Check out my article in Middle East Eye about the factory to learn more about how the ceramics workshop has struggled and overcome literal Israeli occupation roadblocks in order to thrive. 

Here are some examples of what I've done with the tiles. In the kitchen: I used rectangular decorative tiles next to turquoise field tile to create a border backsplash.

Kitchen with Palestinian tile work

The plain turquoise "field tile" was purchased locally. I was amazed to see how exact the colors matched. It would seem that tile glazes come in similar colors around the world. The wall texture is American Clay plaster using the pigment "bluefield". I bought the star lantern in Egypt and the peacock curtains were purchased online from Saffron Marigold.

Kitchen with Palestinian tile work

On the stairs: I created a mix and match design of square decorative tiles next to navy blue field tiles. Each design contains floral or animal patterns. The navy blue field tile was purchased locally in Portland and matched the Palestinian tile perfectly.

Staircase with Palestinian tile work

If you would like to order some Palestinian tile for your home, it's easy to do. Just hop on over to the Hebron Glass and Ceramics factory on Facebook and view their catalog. You can message them over Facebook, they speak good English. 

Another way to beautify your home (that doesn't cost a cent btw, and may earn you money) is to get rid of clutter. Did you know that clutter can cause anxiety and stress? It's because when we see a pile of clutter, it reminds us that there is unfinished business. I personally do not feel peaceful when my house is messy so I have tried to go in the direction of minimalism and few knick knacks. Less is more when in comes to beautiful peaceful interiors!

Leave a comment below about how you reduce clutter and create beauty in your home.

For other ways to buy Palestinian, check out Palbox.

Comments on this post (2)

  • Jul 20, 2020

    Funny you talk about decluttering, definitely a journey I’m on and it is a a hard one cz I also don’t like to waste things

    — Maheen Nusrat

  • Jan 12, 2019

    Really you have good talent in using ceramics tile. it is so beautiful, thank you really fore your humanized efforts to support freedom, justice, equality and dignity of Palestinian people

    — Dr. Yousef

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