Featured Customer: Sarah Zareen

This month our featured customer is Hillsboro Oregon resident, Sarah Zareen, the founder and owner of Ishq Creams.

Q) What do you like best about Katie Miranda Arabic calligraphy jewelry ?

A) I believe in supporting local artisans, and Katie Miranda makes it easy with her uniquely beautiful jewelry. I love the fact that she learned calligraphy in Palestine, and is doing everything to support the Palestinian cause for equal rights. It makes me feel proud to wear her jewelry. 

Q) What’s the perfect occasion to wear your jewelry ?

A) I use my Hurriyeh turquoise necklace as a statement piece, especially when I talk to our government representatives on our right to free speech, our right to boycott. I also wear it to parties, because it’s so beautiful :) 

Q) What’s the best compliment you’ve received about your jewelry ?

A) “It’s beautifully well made! Where can I buy one?”

Q) How are you making the world a better place ?

A) By volunteering, whether it is at a homeless youth organization, or as an interfaith co-ordinator, or speaking truth to our politicians. I believe in living life modeled after Prophet Muhammad, may Peace & Blessings be upon him. A life that is lived by being kind, and generous to everyone you meet, a life spent in service of humanity. 

Q) Have you ever used Katie Miranda Arabic calligraphy jewelry to start a conversation on how to make the world a better place ?

A) Yes!! I use Katie Miranda’s jewelry to encourage people to put money back into our economy by buying local. I talk to people about the ways in which Katie is standing up to injustice. Supporting Katie Miranda, and other small businesses, is the right thing to do. Buying local, buying direct from the artisans is the way of the past, and also the way of the future. 

Thanks Sarah!

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