Featured Customer: Estela Rodriguez-Jibreel


 1) What do you like best about Katie Miranda Arabic calligraphy jewelry ?

What I love the most about Katie’s jewelry is that the jewelry is not only beautiful it give a proactive message of hope.

2) What pieces do you have ?

I have the habibit earings, the salam and shalom necklace, 2 sizes of Palestine necklace and the freedom necklace

3) What’s the perfect occasion to wear your jewelry ?

I feel I can wear the jewelry anytime and anywhere. I love that they are conversation starters. I catch people looking at them and I acknowledge them to give them comfort to ask me about the piece I am wearing.

4) What’s the best compliment you’ve received about your jewelry ?

The best complements I have received are about the uniqueness of the pieces and the beauty of the calligraphy

5) How are you making the world a better place ?

I am making the world a better place by positioning myself in way where people will not be fearful to approach me with their questions or remarks. I am an open book with unconditional love about my views and hopes that we are all searching for the same things and I do this by helping out with and participating in interfaith activities locally in San Diego and soon to be doing in Boston.

6)  Have you ever used Katie Miranda Arabic calligraphy jewelry to start a conversation on how to make the world a better place ?

Yes, I have used Katie’s jewelry and her projects to start conversations with my own family as well as with my friends to discuss how one idea can grow to make such a positive impact globally and to get similar ideas to flourish and flow especially within our youth.  

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