"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

- Napoleon Hill

I’m a transformational visionary artist. I help people get out of their own way so they can manifest what they truly want in their life, no matter how out of reach it may seem at the moment.

Check out my video below where I explain why and how. If this resonates with you and you want to hear more, let's schedule a qualifying call to see if you're ready to create your own future memory. Kindly read to the bottom of the page before scheduling a session.

My drawing of my husband before I met him

My drawing of my son before he was born

How do Future Memory paintings work?

  1. You will receive an email confirmation after you schedule time with me using the link above.
  2. We will have a 45 minute qualifying call to see if we'd like to work together. The fee for the call is $97 and it can be applied to the enrollment if you are a good candidate for Katie's Future Memory Painting program
  3. If we both agree to proceed with your enrollment during this call, you will pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to schedule a 90 minute visioning session with me where we will explore what your goal is, how it will change your life, and the steps you need to do to achieve it. 
  4. I will send you an agreement to sign which outlines both of our rights and responsibilities in this collaboration.
  5. After the visioning session, I will do 3 sketches based on what you told me during the visioning session. These will be rough designs of the layout of the final piece. I will call you to discuss these and you will tell me which one you like the best. At this point in the process, you have the opportunity to request changes or make suggestions about the one you've picked.
  6. I will complete the final painting.
  7. When the painting is finished, you will pay the remainder of the deposit.
  8. I will mail the painting out to be framed and you should receive it approximately one month after it is mailed.
  9. We will have follow up coaching sessions together to make sure you're on track and to dismantle any limiting beliefs around your goals that you may have.

Who are Future Memory paintings for?

  • people who love and value art
  • people who believe they can work towards and manifest what they want in life
  • people who are coachable

Who are they not for?

  • people who do not find value in purchasing original art
  • people who see themselves as victims 
  • people who want to negotiate the price
  • people who are too skeptical to recognize or accept opportunities from people who can and want to help them succeed
  • people who don't believe in their own power to change their life

Example of a recently completed Future Memory Painting:

This was created for a client who had spent 2 years in prison for drugs. He experienced serious human rights violations by the prison guards and decided that when he made it out, he wanted to become a lawyer who specialized in prisoner's rights. He got out, got clean, but he had gained a lot of weight in prison and was struggling with following through with applying to law school. His vision for his future was to graduate from law school with his family present after getting his body back. Two weeks after having the visioning session and before the digital painting was even completed, he lost 5 pounds and applied to 10 law schools. Two months later he had received offer letters a with scholarships from 3 law schools.Jonas graduating

Customer testimonial video