Professor Abdullah Alrebh on why there are no homeless people in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Alrebh has a Phd in Sociciology from Michigan State University and an MA in Arabic literature from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. He's a professor of Sociology at Grand Valley State University.

I visited Saudi Arabia for the first time in December 2021 because my husband is from there and we took our toddler there for the first time. I was really quite struck by some glaring differences in the cultures but there's one I want to talk about specifically today; the fact that homelessness does not exist there.

The reason I interviewed Abdullah is that the way the problem is discussed in America is about what to do with homeless people, how to get them off drugs and off the street. There's never a discussion about what has failed in our society, our culture, our family structure, and our laws that has led us to this point.

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Thank you for sharing this interview. Lots of excellent points by Abdulla! Eliminating homelessness in Maui is one of my intentions as I grow my business at New Me Coach.

Bonnie March 24, 2023

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