Interview with Philip Reed

I interviewed my friend, Kung Fu teacher, and former co-worker Philip Reed for a podcast I am starting about people who have overcome major challenges in their lives and gone on to do great things and manifest what they want.

Phillip Reed is a Soldier, Peace Officer, VFX Producer, Screenplay writer, actor, stunt performer, motion capture actor, action and fight choreographer, and one of the last living legends of a very secretive art Wu Shaolin Kung Fu.  Phil has received the highest designation conferred on people who practice Kung Fu which is "Legend". He talks about how getting punched in the face by a pimp when he was a 6-year-old boy was the catalyst for him to take up the art of Kung Fu. He also tells us about his near-death experience in a hospital 6 weeks ago, and what he learned from that. Phil is one interesting guy and you don't want to miss this.


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