How to start a Phone Tree for Change

Don't forget that part of the First Amendment that allows Americans to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Have you heard of a phone tree ?

It's a fun system you can setup with your friends to make your voice heard about your concerns to members of Congress. I'm currently in a phone tree on the issue of Palestine and BDS. 

The best thing about it, is that it only take you 2 minutes per week.

I am currently redressing my grievances with my Senator once a week. :)

There are many ways to do this, Tweeting to them, emailing them, starting online petitions, but one way that is reported to be one of the more effective is calling up your member of Congress. In order to make it fun, so it's not a chore,  get a bunch of your activist friends together to call your congressperson on a weekly basis. Each friend calls one time per week so that it doesn't get to be an overwhelming commitment and you can read from a prepared script if you're more comfortable.

Every email call and FAX to a member of Congress is entered into a constituent management database so your concerns are collected, recorded and verified that they are coming from an actual constituent when you provide your zip code.

I just mark on my calendar my and time to call with an alarm, and set it to repeat every week.


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