Blood of the Martyrs giclée print

Blood of the Martyrs giclée print

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The text says “the blood of the martyrs will fertilize the earth”.

The title was taken from a Diego Rivera mural of the same name and the subject was chosen after being in Balata refugee camp in 2006 when it was invaded by Israeli occupation forces.

This was a common occurrence but it was the first time I experienced it and it was the scariest thing I have ever lived through. Israeli snipers occupied the roof of the clinic we were in and shot and wounded a neighbor from the roof. He survived the assassination attempt but two 17 years kids did not. This drawing was inspired by that experience.

Feels weird to think back on it years later when I am long gone but everyone in the refugee camp who is not dead is still there and reliving the same invasions regularly. 

This is a giclée print. What does giclée mean? A giclée print is a high quality art print made from pigment based inks printed on archival paper.

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