Deluxe Palestine necklace in Arabic calligraphy


This necklace says “Palestine” فلسطين   and the stone represents the dot in the Arabic letter ن. Wear your solidarity around your neck to start a conversation about what’s really going on in Palestine and what others can do to get involved. Wear it to the next demonstration to show your support or even just to the office and get a conversation going with people who want to learn more.

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The stones used in the Palestine necklace are carnelian, onyx, aventurine, and rose quartz which represent the red, black, green and white of the Palestinian flag. The carnelian stone represents the dot in the Arabic letter ب. This is a necklace you will be proud to keep close to your heart!


  • pendant measures 2 inches by 2 inches
  • sturdy 18″ rolo chain
  • no-fuss lobster clasp
  • genuine sterling silver

The original version of this necklace was created back in 2010 when Katie took her first jewelry class.