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A genuine Palestinian kefiyyah from the last kefiyyah factory in all of Palestine. Limited quantity, FREE with the purchase of any two items. Limit one per order. Just add the kefiyyah to your cart with any two other items and we will mail it to you FOR FREE !

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Made in the last keffiyeh factory in Palestine, these hard to find colors are available exclusively here for a limited time.

From the Hirbawi keffiyeh website:

Seventy-six year old Yasser Hirbawi opened his factory in 1961, operating 15 machines and producing 150,000 keffiyehs annually by the early 1990s. Today, due to the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords and the opening of trade with the outside world, only four machines remain in operation producing a mere 10,000 scarves a year. The shrinking Palestinian economy and Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks create further hindrances to production and trade for small businesses like Mr. Hirbawi’s.

In Mr. Hirbawi’s own words: “My machines are in good shape. They can start working tomorrow. I just need a market.”

The Keffiyeh’s black and white pattern has come to symbolize the Palestinian struggle; the middle pattern, with its “wire mesh fence” design represents the Israeli occupation, while the oblong-shaped patterns on the side represent olive leaves- a symbol of Palestine and peace.

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