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One of my favorite painters is Leonardo DaVinci. He was such a genius in so many areas, not only painting, but architecture, anatomy, astronomy, engineering, geology, botany, etc.. etc. He was so curious about everything  which is the reason we have so few paintings by him: he had too many other interests. I highly recommend Walter Isaacson's biography on him.

This painting called Salvator Mundi is inspired by Leonardo's Salvator Mundi. I did a Palestinian Salvatore Mundi in traditional dress. In his right hand, he holds the key to his ancestral home, stolen and erased by Zionist forces in 1948. In his left hand, he holds a globe, reflecting back at the viewer the other key to liberation. I believe the key to the future of Palestine lies in Washington, not Jerusalem, not Ramallah, not Europe.

• Sold in sets of 10

• 7x5 Front & Back Folded Card

• Blank White Envelopes Included

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