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Beit Omar original illustration


Beit Omar, an illustration originally published in Mondoweiss.

I was in a service going from Hebron to Jerusalem and passed the village of Beit Omar. The suffering the people of this village has faced over the years is unimaginable and has been documented in great detail by organizations like the International Solidarity Movement and the Palestine Solidarity Project. But on the day I drove by, it was just another day.. a guy operating his store, a woman hanging the clothes out, and two soldiers occupying their roof.

  • pencil and acrylic on paper mounted on masonite
  • 9 x 12
  • shipped via insured shipping

I visited the West Bank in September 2017 and created these illustrations as part of a travelog for Mondoweiss. 

The last time I had been there was 2008. Now, everything seemed heavier, particularly in Hebron where I spent most of my time. The air was heavy, the mood was heavy, and  the gravity of occupation seemed responsible for the drooping faces. Merely existing there is exhausting.

Much of the media coverage misses the details because it’s not interesting enough or attention grabbing enough to rope people in. In these illustrations I focused on the details of military occupation that get overlooked.