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Faith Palestinian olive wood tasbih in Arabic calligraphy


These prayer beads, also called worry beads, tasbih, misbaha, or mala are made from Palestinian olive wood beads handcrafted in Bethlehem. Your purchase supports Palestinian craftspeople! The necklaces are strung together with stretch wire so they can be worn as a bracelet as well. 

Prayer beads are used in different religious practices. Our version contains a sterling silver centerpiece that says faith, or iman, in Arabic and includes 99 beads in the necklace and 3 beads in the tassel.

Each bead is used in prayer or meditation. You can use them to count the repetition of a chant, the 99 names of God or just to count your blessings!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect prayer companion

I bought these for one of my closest companions, and he loved them. It's a beautiful, thoughtfully crafted piece. Thank you!

love Palestinian olive wood beads

Being from Palestine myself, I appreciate the connection to the land. They're stretchy enough to also wear on my wrist.