The meaning of Eid for Muslims


mural on the apartheid wall

Eid Mubarak to those celebrating...

I painted this on the apartheid wall in 2006. It seems appropriate to post on Eid al Adha (Sacrifice Feast), the holiday in which we commemorate Abraham/Ibrahim's agreement with God to sacrifice his only son so that God would be pleased with him. 

Instead, God allowed Ibrahim to sacrifice a sheep instead. What sacrifices do you make in your daily life in the hope of a better future? Leave a comment below ! For me, the first thing that comes to mind is running. Running is a sacrifice because it is uncomfortable and painful, and the goal, for me at least is a better, healthier future. 

My father ran every day when I was a kid. He’s 86 now and in great health, he still goes to the gym and he looks like he’s in his 60’s. He sacrificed in the past by running every day so he could have a healthier future.

This mural I painted on the apartheid wall is a commemoration of the sacrifices Palestinians have made for a free Palestine.

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