Interview with Adam Horowitz of Mondoweiss

It’s important that you share this information, because right now thousands of voices around the world that are calling for freedom and justice in Palestine are being drowned out by a media force uninterested in advancing the struggle for Palestinian rights.

Today, there is something (actually two things) you can do to have the voice of the few heard and recognized…

It starts by watching an interview of Adam Horowitz, co-editor of Mondoweiss, an independent news source that challenges mainstream media assumptions about Palestine and prioritizes viewpoints generally ignored by mainstream media outlets. I interviewed Adam to discuss his evolution from a religiously and politically conservative Jewish background to his support for Palestinian justice and the growth of Mondoweiss.

Every day establishment media outlets drown out and undermine the vital human rights message that Mondoweiss and other independent news sources provide. Each and every time their voice is stifled, we lose another opportunity to highlight the injustices in Palestine.

In the interview Adam also gives advice for students who may be feeling intimidation by the McCarthy-like scare tactics and backlash against BDS advocacy on campuses.

And this is the second part of your role I mentioned earlier…

Mondoweiss is running a fundraiser and I will be donating $7 from each and every purchased online from this month.

So please…

Take the time to watch the interview at the link above, share the Mondoweiss message, and visit the store here to make a purchase and donate

Each and every online purchase from now until July 31st will support Mondowiess' efforts to bring justice to Palestine.

Thanks so much!